Five Tips for Relaxation in the Carpathians

“Words are missing to say,
How beautiful in the Carpathians!
There trembit trembits,
The shepherd drives the sheep,
The cuckoo happiness is forging,
So I have the wings!”
(a Carpathian song)

1. Before booking, it is important to have at least the smallest idea of the place where you plan to rest. Therefore, I advise you to choose recreation facilities on high-quality Internet resources, where there are many photos, detailed information, the approximate location of the holiday complex. Some believe that these sites are extremely expensive homes that can afford to spend on advertising. The opinion is wrong, as most sites charge quite a nominal fee for advertising and range from 10 to 50 UAH. month. Therefore, for the most part, it is possible to find a variety of accommodations on the Internet – from the cheapest private estates to the most expensive VIP-class hotels. As a rule, the information is fresh and the choice is quite wide.

2. It is important to contact the owners and find out the details of the holiday by phone. Clarify the nuances of heating, water, food, leisure and distance to them. It is not necessary to be ashamed to ask even about regular things – the temperature in the rooms, the presence of additional heaters, the possibility of using iron or hairdryer, the periodicity of changing the bed and towels, the presence of firewood near the brazier and more. Specify the location of the institution. There have been cases where tourists, having overcome more than one hundred or even thousands of kilometers, learned that their establishment was located 40 km from the ski resort where they planned to rest.

3. Try to avoid tempting offers on different bulletin boards, where for ridiculous money they promise you an unforgettable vacation with all the amenities.

4. Pay attention to the feedback of your predecessors or do not be lazy and try to find contacts of people who have already rested in your chosen institution of rest on thematic forums.

5. More expensive establishments usually offer much better resting conditions. Of course, they are not affordable. It is often the case that in the absence of clients, the owners make significant concessions, and if your budget does not quite fit into the institution’s prices, try to negotiate a value that would both satisfy you and the owner.

…There trembit trembits…

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