Five Topics That Should Not Be Discussed In The Job Interview

Sometimes, a badly raised topic during an interview can spoil the impression of the candidate, and even worse ─ completely deprive him of the opportunity to get the desired position. To avoid this, you should know the topics that should not be raised in the interview.

  1. About the negative past of your former company, team, colleagues

Recruiters often ask why you decided to change jobs and realize that you probably had good reasons to leave the previous company. However, you should not throw mud at your former boss or colleagues. In any case, even if you left the company due to certain difficulties, and not because you have reached the “ceiling” and seek further development, do not go down to the personal level ─ it may show you as not loyal or even conflicted employee.

  1. About sharp topics

Discussion of political views, religious beliefs and opinions on difficult issues should be avoided both during the interview and when working with colleagues. The interview should compare the expectations of the company from the candidate and the candidate from the company in a professional context, so it is better to keep communication on difficult topics out of work (of course, if these topics are not directly related to your responsibilities).

  1. About personal topics

If you do not receive a rational explanation why you have to answer personal questions, you have the right not to answer personal questions, especially those that offend and affect you.

  1. About the history of your life from birth

Quite often, recruiters start the conversation by asking you to tell about yourself so that you have the opportunity to make a short self-presentation. Remember that the company is primarily interested in your hard and soft skills, the tasks you have worked on, and the results you have achieved, so you should focus primarily on the professional field.

  1. If you do not know the answer

Sometimes you may not know the answer to a professional question. And this is normal! No one can know everything. If you find yourself in this situation, do not try to say anything ─ it is better to honestly admit that you do not know the correct answer (but read about it after the interview), and ask the interviewer for recommendations (books, courses, articles) to help you understand this topic.

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