Five Winter Holidays Cartoons


Do you remember an old winter joke, “What does Jack Frost say during the long winter holidays? Have an icy day!”
If you have just a bit of extra free time, I do recommend you watching the following ‘winter cartoons.’

Arthur Christmas (2011)

This cartoon is about how a cheerful and kind boy, who is hinted to be a son of Santa Claus, Arthur decided to help to deliver a gift to a girl named Gwent. After all, for some reason, her letter was not read, and Santa did not give her the gift. However, Arthur took it upon himself and, worried about the girl’s fate, still gave her the dream gift and Christmas mood.

Frozen (2013)

I think this cartoon has long been known to all because its characters like to turn children into various Christmas performances, there are even toys in the form of these characters. This cartoon includes two beautiful princesses – Elsa and Anna, who must fight not only with magic, but also for their relationships. The cartoon would be much more boring if it weren’t for Olaf. This is an incredibly cheerful snowman; he dilutes the atmosphere while watching and gives a cheerful mood. Probably, at least through Olaf, you should watch this cartoon because you have never met such a funny snowman.

The Grinch (2018)

You must have immediately imagined a strange, green man who hates Christmas because there is a movie called “The Grinch” which has definitely come to your eyes at least once. This cartoon is based on the same-titled film as well as the on the children`s book ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas!’published in 1957. The plot, oddly enough, is very similar: the Grinch can not stand the people of the city and especially he hates Christmas. One day he develops an ingenious plan to steal all the presents, the Christmas tree, and Christmas itself under the guise of Santa. But remember, GOOD always wins.

Rise of the Guardians (2012)

This cartoon tells about children’s dreams and those who cares about them. Good heroes fight with the evil Kromeshnik, so that children have good dreams, filled with the sun and dreams, and not darkness and horror. The cartoon shows not only winter, but also other seasons because the heroes are connected with all of them. However, the winter takes the most of time there. White snow, blizzard and frost are transmitted even through the computer screen. Therefore, it is more relevant than ever in our not too snowy winter.

Ice Age a Mammoth Christmas.

This cartoon has several parts, and in each of them some kind of adventure awaits its characters. This time, on Christmas Eve, the sloth Sid destroys the Christmas stone, the family heirloom of his mammoth friend Manny. Because of this, he is blacklisted by Santa and risks never getting gifts again. To atone for his guilt, Sid goes to visit Santa. But here everything is not so smooth. During the long winter holidays, taking into account my own experience, I do recommend that you should not focus on movies, but watch cartoons that will remind you of happy childhood, and all those kids surrounding you will see once again that Santa exists being still alive and kicking. Good will always triumph over Evil… Always…

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