Football as War Therapy, Bros


If you want to distract yourself from the war or the quarantine that still exists in some countries, football will help you.
In this article I will tell you how in my own experience football training helps to feel better even in such difficult times.

The main advantage of football is the ability to communicate with friends. When the quarantine was introduced in Ukraine, we weren’t able to go to cinemas, restaurants and cafes or even gyms for a long time. People had little communication and even simple walks in the fresh air became rare. Of course, the psychological state of most people was very bad. In such times, football training helped me a lot. Despite the fact that many people were infected with the coronavirus, most football coaches in the Kyiv region continued training with children and teenagers.

You can say that this was the wrong decision. But I assure you that constant training in the fresh air didn’t make children sick. Such training, on the other hand, strengthened the immune system and did not allow us (sportsmen) to get depressed, as that happened with many people.

Of course, you may ask, “But is there a place for football in war?” Yes of course.

At first, it may seem that at a time when Ukrainians are defending themselves from the occupiers, there is no place for any entertainment. But if a person constantly thinks about the war in the free regions of Ukraine, sooner or later he will simply lose his mind. Even in such difficult conditions, we sometimes have to relax and meet friends, for example, playing football with your team bros. If we start sitting and whining constantly, it will not help our soldiers at the front.

By the way, even in some occupied cities, teenagers get together in stadiums and hold football tournaments under the Ukrainian flag.

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