Forks and Knifes, Mi-Mi-Mi

(humorous story)

Recently, I have been told a joke, “A foreign student came to America, not knowing a word of English, and immediately started looking for a job. He went to school singing and learned to say, “Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi!” Then, he joined the US Army and learned to say, “Yes, sir!” After that, he worked in a restaurant and learned to say, “Forks and knives, forks and knives!” A week later, he worked at a candy store and picked up the words, “Good figs!” A month later, a murder took place in the area and he was the first person to be questioned by police. The interview went like this: Policeman, “Who killed a man?” International student, “Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi!” Policeman, “Did you kill your husband?” Student, “Yes, sir!” Policeman, “What did you use to kill him?” Student, “Forks and Knives, Forks and Knives!” Policeman, “You’re under arrest.” International student, “Good-good figs!”

On reflection, I thought to myself, “Why not to travel to the USA just a bit later and not to tell American state officials something like ‘forks and knifes…hi-hi-hi…good figs…mi-mi-mi.”





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