Four simple rules for protection against coronavirus


Compliance with hygiene rules is a simple matter that can protect you from diseases and make a big contribution to maintaining overall health.
I have collected 4 simple rules that must be carefully observed during quarantine and be turned into your daily routine for life 🙂

Pay attention to personal hygiene

Hands are our primary contact with the outside world. They collect a huge number of malicious microbes. Therefore, they need to be washed regularly – at least 5 times a day.

Be sure to wash your hands before each meal, before and after going to the toilet, before contacting face and immediately after returning home. If it is not possible to wash your hands, use an alcohol-based antiseptic, but when you have a choice, give preference to water and soap. Wet wipes in this situation will not save much. In most cases, they are designed to cleanse visible dirt, not germs.

Also do not forget about general body hygiene: regularly take a shower, brush your teeth and take care of clean skin. Everything is the same as always.

Disinfect the phone

Yes, we are talking about a subject that proudly collects all microbes and viruses on itself and which also needs to be constantly disinfected. Here, an alcohol-based antiseptic will come to your aid. It is enough to distribute it on a paper towel and wipe the phone.

Do not forget about the computer, headphones and all the devices that you often use – they also need to be sanitized regularly. After all, what’s the point of keeping your hands clean for so much if in a second they again touch the smartphone or computer that was last cleaned six months ago?

Change bedding

Dirty bedding is an ideal environment for the spread of germs, so you need to change it as often as possible. The best option would be once a week, but if you feel that you need more often – no doubt do it.

Do wet cleaning

Everything is simple: the cleaner the house is, the safer it is, and wet cleaning is an ideal way to get rid of dust, dirt, pathogenic bacteria and fungal formations.

The best option is to wipe the surface every few days with a damp cloth and mop the floor in the most passable places of the house, and do a full-fledged wet cleaning once a week.

Pay particular attention to the cleanliness and disinfection of frequently used areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, and restroom. Use special products with disinfecting components that are designed to clean these areas.

Make your home a comfortable and clean place in which you will be pleasantly and safely spending time during the period of self-isolation 🙂

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