‘From Zero To One’ by Peter Thiel

(book review)

Brilliant thinking is rare, but courage is in even shorter supply than genius.”
– Peter Thiel

The main idea of ​​all work is to create businesses that bring something completely new, and not just try to copycat or slightly improve something that exists. For it is possible to improve the existing only up to a certain limit, and the new is something that has never existed before, generating absolutely new possibilities. But the author also reinforces all this material with his views on what a startup team should be like, what they should focus on, and so on.

Looking ahead a little, I’ll say that initially I did not expect great revelations from the book, but it turned out to be not so much a teaching aid as a subject for reflection on the examples shown and the questions asked by the author. Peter Thiel does not try to teach, he only shows his view on the process of creating businesses, how the education system functions and the postulates laid down in the USA helping or hindering this. He also asks puzzling questions that have no right answer. This book is about questions that should be asked and to which you must seek answers in order to succeed in a business that creates something new. This is not a textbook, not a collection of information – but the exercise that trains the ability to think. This book is about the incomes that should be asked and answered in order to succeed in a startup business that creates something new. This is not a textbook, not a collection of thoughts. It dwells on the problem of business launching: the issues related to brainstorm ideas and rethinking a business from scratch are touched upon.

I can recommend this book for people who want to take some knowledge in business and entrepreneurship. This edition was first read by me in 2021, I keep on consulting it and I remember basic principles written there. The author gives information in a simple form and because of that all people can understand what he wants to say. I can rate this book 9 of out of 10 points.

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