Frozen Obsession, or the Real Reason

Why I Quit the Job in Kindergarten

“I am Elsa and who are you?” says a 5-year-old girl and rolls the ball to another little lady of the same age. “I’m Elsa and who are you?” answers she, and the ball goes to the next one. “I’m Elsa and who are you?”

No, it’s not those girls’ real name, and we’re not playing a game where you should call yourself Elsa. It’s just the way girls always introduced themselves at the beginning of an English lesson in the kindergarten I used to work at. Elsa from Frozen captivated every girl in my group. She was everywhere: on their shirts and t-shirts, bags, pencil cases, cups. Moreover, not only girls were in love with her and this cartoon. It seemed that all the kids in my group were born with a Frozen gene – so much they were obsessed with it. Even boys who never watched it liked it and knew Elsa, the plot details, and of course, “Let it go! Let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore!” Gosh, they sang this song so often, that even when I got home, I kept hearing these lines!

Elsa had literally taken over their minds. I am sure government could manipulate those children and force them to do anything using her image. And since I was the kindergarten government, I did it. While other teachers had to create new and new ways to calm children down when they started messing around, I could just say, “Guys, if you don’t stay quiet, I will not bring Frozen board games,” and they got silenced immediately. At first, I was a little bit concerned that kids would get tired of it pretty soon. However, their obsession did not fade with time but only grew. The amount of Frozen merchandise they had rose steadily. In addition, sometimes girls argued about who among them was the real Elsa.

When people ask me why I resigned, I usually answer that I wanted to try something new, but in fact, I just got so fed up with that Frozen craze, that couldn’t “hold it back anymore”.

P.S. As might be expected, the story is only partially true. I didn’t actually quit the job because I got sick of the cartoon.

24 October, 2019

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