Fulfilled Wish

Once Vasilisa came to visit her grandmother. The sweet girl was very glad to come and hoped that this year her cherished wish might come true: she dreamed of a peachy puppy.

One fine day, grandmother and granddaughter went to the store. Grandmother asked Vasilisa to wait for her on the street. The girl agreed with pleasure. She examined passers-by and her eyes fell on the boy. Ginger, a pug-nosed eight years old boy, cuddled something to his chest and looked around. “Sunny Boy” carefully looked at Vasilisa. The girl looked enchanted at the boy and decided to come up closer.

“Hi, I’m Vasilisa. What do you keep there?” She looked at what the boy was holding in his hands.

He unfolded his jacket and a small, curious muzzle of a petite puppy leaned out of it.

Vasilisa caught her breath. After all, the dream of her whole life was in the hands of this snub-nosed and red-haired boy.

“I found him near the forest, where he was all alone. I am looking for his master. Will you help me?”

“I have been dreaming of a dog for so long! He is so wonderful!” exclaimed the girl, unable to take her eyes off the lovely looking puppy.

“Is it true? Then I will fulfill your dream! Now he is yours!” With these words, he handed out the puppy to Vasilisa.

At that moment, her careful grandmother left the store. The girl happily ran to her. She talked about the puppy relentlessly for half an hour. At long last Grandmother got agreed and said that she had nothing against taking the puppy to their house.

In a while, Vasilisa remembered the boy and turned around seeking his funny snub-nosed face, but he had already gone. Only the sun played gently in the nearby growing maple trees.

Morality:  do good just like that, free of charge, from the heart. Is not it the highest award to see the sincere joy on the faces of surrounding you people?

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