Fun for kids or serious problems for adults?

February is on the calendar. Outside the window – snowdrifts and snow slush, snow crystals and snowflakes. Beautiful and frosty at the same time…However, communal services are not in a hurry to clean the roads.

Old women complain that it is impossible to walk. Such weather just blocks all transport. It is delayed and some absent-minded passengers even can`t catch up with the flying away airplanes.

Many of my acquaintances barely get to work…schools are closed for distance learning…Kids are happy because they go sledding, skating and idling. Nobody clears the snow and I sit at work and look out the window daydreaming about first spring rays. How splendid the sun is shining, how superb it is on the street…

Every cloud has a silver lining…Even in this bone-chilling frost it is good to snowball outdoors, drink coffee, and take a walk with your buddies, relax.

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