Ganzel, Gretel and Me

(Fairy tale)

Once upon a time in a skyscraper lived three students: Ganzel, Gretel and me. We were paying for our higher education, so our parents wanted us to be expelled.

One good day we heard our parents arranging our student`s death in Internet forest. We were wondering in the forest of social networks. We had gone far, far away from the topic of our homework. But Ganzel used time management tricks to bring us back.

The next day we were taken by a lot of bright colors found deeper in the Internet woods. We tried to remember why we were there. But we didn`t succeed in it.

We went further and saw a singing scorpion. The scorpion`s solo was very well, so we went after him. The insect guided us to the red house, having so countless and cool content!

Gretel found cute videos with cats, Genzel was watching a playlist through, and I got a lot of videos about movie-making industry. In the house we were met by mister Algorithm. He was very hospitable and gave the best content to us. After some period of time, Mister Algorithm started making us work for him. He gave us tons of advertisements, which we had to watch. Suddenly, we realized that Mister Algorithm was eating our time, while we were eating his content.

We tried to escape, but Mister Algorithm closed his door and gave us more and more of his super startling content!

Fortunately, he looked aside for a while, and we were able to run away. We came back home only in the morning.

That is why I didn`t prepared my homework for today.

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