Generation Gap Clash

“Every generation revolts against its fathers and makes friends with its grandfathers”

Where is this generation heading? This is often a question that generates most of the so-called generational conflict. I believe that the clash of generations is a temporary phenomenon. It existed before us, it will exist after us, it does not depend on our incomes, our education, our friends…

Most of all it depends on the progress and development of the society to which we belong because it separates generations. It depends on us how free are we to understand this phenomenon, which every person faces sooner or later.

The clash of generations begins with the birth of a person. When children are small, parents determine what is right and wrong, educate them, form their value system, develop or suppress their individuality and intuition. And this is quite normal and no one even suspects the existence of this phenomenon, no one calls it a problem. Although later the upbringing given by the parents determines and affects the power of conflict. And not only education is a serious problem in the conflict of such generations. There are thousands of reasons – economics, politics, culture, social environment, labor, the way of perception, born of a human person, and so on.

How can conflict between generations be overcome? The question is too abstract since the starting points for the conflict are too far away and there would be no written or unwritten laws to overcome such obstacles, not only because of differences in age but also because of the general socialization of society, culture, politics, economic period of development of individual generations, the formation of their thinking and behavior. These people may indeed be similar in some views, but in many ways, they are completely different.

In order to overcome disagreements, it is sometimes necessary to understand what space different people formed. For example, it is quite useful to reflect on those who existed and formed in the era of the so-called building of socialism. A completely different economy, politics, society. If you understand what the differences are, what the difference is, it becomes possible to understand how younger people differ. Thanks to this, the views cease to be so distant and strange; in fact, it is not difficult between people to find a community that is something unified and understandable. The roots of the conflict between different ages in superficial factors, these factors will be washed away by the stream of history, but the human essence remains.

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