Gestures Don`t Lie

(Opinion article)

Gestures, of course, should help a person and not betray him or her in important moments. That is why most speakers, politicians, and media celebs choose gestures very carefully. They know perfectly what a gesture means, which ones are worth using, and which ones are better not to avoid. As J.Marguliers remarked, “Small gestures can have a big impact.”

In my daily life, I use not only ordinary gestures but also various facial expressions. However, the best thing is that I have long studied the best gestures and facial expressions that I use most often. I have nothing to hide. I am an honest and honest person. As they say, honesty is the best policy. But I have long used out of the ordinary oratorical techniques. Because I know: they make a good impression on the audience and viewers. They help. In any case.

Although gestures are my assistants, for some politicians, they could serve as their enemies. For example, Barack Obama liked to show the ‘I Love You’ (‘ILY’) gesture, which was misinterpreted by many journalists all around the world. Some of them thought that it was just a middle finger (a one figure salute). Others took it like a ‘corna’ gesture.  Just only at the end of his presidency, the people all around the world realized that Barack Obama had just a big kind heart for the whole humanity.

The non-verbal gestures by Petro Poroshenko are also to be mentioned. Sign language experts often say that his gestures indicate his uncertainty and sincerity at the same time.

Consequently, non-verbal communication is not so simple. It needs to be known; it needs to be applied. Though it helps me a bit, to someone else it can spoil the reputation. ‘Faux pas’, as well as Freudian slips among politicians, are so widespread.

It is a scientific fact that people’s gestures reveal their true intentions. Yet most of us don’t know how to read body language–and don’t realize how our own physical movements speak to others. Now the world’s foremost experts on the subject share their techniques for reading body language signals to achieve success in every area of life. There are many exercises for training gestures and a lot of different books are written on this theme. However, I do recommend reading ‘Body Language’ (1981) by Alan and Barbara Pease. The same relates to their second blockbuster book ‘The Definitive Book of Body Language: The Secret Meaning Behind People’s Gestures’(2004). The summer is long, don`t forget to thumb it through!

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