“Getting warm with a chill”

(music review)

Ariana Grande, one of the biggest international pop stars at the moment, is known mainly by her iconic singles “thank u, next”, “7 rings”, “God is a woman”, “Side to side” and the most recent “positions.” But not so many people recognize her as one of the modern influencers in Christmas music. Although Grande’s stand-out single “Santa tell me” has been a holiday hit since it’s release in 2014, most of her festive songs do not get the attention they truly deserve.

“Christmas & Chill” is the second Christmas extended play by Ariana Grande, produced and released in December 2015. While her first EP “Christmas Kisses” (2013) contains mostly re-recorded classics, the latest EP – purely original tracks by Grande, Tommy Brown and several more producers. The sound is the mix of Christmas pop and R&B with a little bit of trap.

Thematically EP has nothing to do with the meaning of Christmas – Jesus Christ’s birth. The essence of it – purely romantic, cozy evenings, full of festive decorations, treats and activities, in the arms of a loved one, significant other. Six songs, “Intro”, “Wit it this Christmas”, “December”, “Not just on Christmas”, “True Love” and “Winter things”, are playful, warm, tender, a little sexual, romantic and so full of love and the feeling of being in love, that you can’t help falling in the same mood. This little piece of Ariana Grande’s discography is a game-changer in the genre of Christmas music that was a never ending re-recording of old hits. Despite being released five years ago it still sounds modern and as fresh and delicious as just baked gingerbreads.

So if you’re looking for some holiday mood for your playlist, but almost sick of the classics, give Ariana Grande’s Christmas a try!

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