“Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Jan Vermeer

(book review)

Fiction novel “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” A gripping story about the artist Jan Vermeer, half true, half fiction, and his assistant, an ordinary servant. A story adorned with thousands of colors about love, devotion, envy and, most importantly, friendship.

This story conveys well the 17th century Holland, its culture, conflicts and way of life. But this is not the only reason she is good. Gretta, the main heroine of the novel, the daughter of a poor craftsman, due to her financial situation, goes to the house of a famous artist as a servant. There she quickly gets used to a difficult life. But soon she is entrusted with an important mission, cleaning the office of the head of the house. She coped very well, but one day she was delayed and met with the one who turned her life upside down. This is not an ordinary romance with a happy ending, there is where to think and feel the heroes, to empathize with them. But in spite of this, the book overestimates a little, gets tired of the film, it lacks something more intense.

Personally, I missed the NOVEL in the genre of the novel. It is also not worth taking this book as a biography; it is just a small invention, although we will never know what really happened. Rather, this book will suit those who have a lot of time and those who have already read everything, for those who are interested in paintings, there are scenes with pepper, so I advise people 18+ to read.

In general, I liked the book, an easy, interesting story, the very thing for summer evenings. 8 out of 10.

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