Girly Sarah and Toughie Mary

(romantic essay)

In literature and films, we are all accustomed to the fact that the main female character is faced with a difficult choice: a dangerous but tough guy or a calm, but terribly boring wimp. ‘Twilight,’’ The Hunger Games,’ and many other with so different scenarios, but very similar stories immediately come to my mind.

Sometimes it even seems to me that the writers and scriptwriters, even for a split second, do not think about how to present this idea in an original way. Full mirroring often looks fresh and interesting.

For example, suppose there is the main character — let’s call him John —  and he has been dating his childhood friend Sarah for a long time. Sarah studies well, read good literature, but already too familiar. And now on the horizon — let’s say, a certain Mary appears, being transferred from another school or a colony for juvenile criminals. Mary drives John to school every day on her huge black motorcycle. John has no rights, so he likes to sit behind her and hold tight her tough hips in worn out jeans with holes. These bike rides and a cigarette smoke behind them awake in him long-faded feelings of half-crazy drive and excitement. Mary herself provokes him more and more hinting at something more catching and electrifying.

With her – so bright and edgy, shrewd and unpredictable, John feels as an ironman. As for Sarah, so familiar and predictable, he felt the taste of daily porridge. And John is torn between two images: tender and girly Sarah or toughie and mysterious Mary …

It seems to me that such ingrained techniques need to be refined and improved so that the reader doesn`t lose interest in new works of this genre.

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