Global warming

(Opinion article)

One of the main problems of humanity in the 21st century is global warming, which inevitably destroys the atmosphere of the earth and threatens our planet.

This is happening because of the large emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere and the accelerated greenhouse effect.

Harmful gases are thrown away by factories, cars and other equipment, accumulate in the atmosphere and cause sharp warming. Because of warming, glaciers are melting dramatically, the water level in the seas and oceans is growing rapidly and can send some countries under water.

A lot of witty people keep on joking about climate change, “How many eco-activists is it necessary to screw a light bulb? The light bulb will work eventually again! What happens when we rub two eco-warriors together? Global warming!” Personally, I don`t share this optimism. The eco-problems are too serious.

Warming is also dangerous for wildlife, as we change their temperature in which they are accustomed to existing. Vegetation that feeds on herbivorous animals disappears, leading to their extinction, and predators that ate these animals will also be endangered. Thus, by the end of the century, we can destroy our planet, its flora, and fauna. To save it, it is enough to adjust your lifestyle, because even the smallest changes will be important if most people will do it. For example, we could reduce the consumption of meat products, the application of plastic bags and packages, and the use of transport. To ride bicycles or scooters, why not? Let`s do something to save our planet!

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