Golden Asphalt Сracks

Have you ever seen such a miracle? Cracks and holes are filled with gold. It would seem that something so dirty and ugly suddenly looks so expensive. In Kyiv, the sculptor began to patch holes in the asphalt by his own original method. He fills holes and cracks on the roads not with concrete, but with a special solution, which he covers with gold powder. In this way, a man wants to draw attention to the problems with the road surface in Kyiv and show that ordinary cracks can be beautiful.

Brushes and paintbrushes are just spread out on the sidewalk. Artist and sculptor Vahan Avakyan is going to make a work of art from a crack in the asphalt.

Vahan takes containers, brushes, powders and starts working. First, the crack is cleaned of dust, then a polymer solution is poured into the glass, which fills the cracks, and before it hardens, it is covered with gold powder.

Vahan says he just saw the beauty in one of those cracks and decided to make it more noticeable. The man posted a video with patching holes in the asphalt and stunned users. Although users were also impressed by Wahan:

“When I did the first one, they started to react as positively as possible, a lot of people supported me, I didn’t expect that,” admits Vahan.

Passers-by often stop at Vahan’s work, take photos and videotape the ‘golden’ cracks, and share their impressions.

“Gold flows into the sewers, cool. It’s definitely better than a regular crack, ” laughs one of the passers-by.

“It’s very cool. Such work needs to be done all over Kyiv to attract attention. But there will not be enough artists to gild the whole of Kyiv,” says one of the passers-by.

It is unknown how long the ‘golden’ cracks will last. But I hope that now people will try to see beauty everywhere, even in the…asphalt cracks.

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