Golden City Dream

(Magic realism story)

This is a story about a girl. From an early age, she dreamed of lost cities, which streets are covered with gold and statues of ancient kings with diamonds and rubies. In the evening her mother often told her stories about distant lands and temples hidden in the depths of the jungle. The girl enthusiastically listened to stories and at night dreamed of seeing these mysterious and bright places with her own eyes. But as time went on, the girl grew up, and forgotten golden empires remained in childhood dreams.

One day, she returned home after an exhausting day at her office. Now the main thing for her was rest, so she immediately dived under her warm blanket and then quickly fell into enchanting dreams. She woke up in her room, from the gentle voice of her mother. Taking her eyes off, the girl saw a part of her room lying under the canopy of branchy tropical trees. Looking around, she saw the glitter of golden towers between the dense forest and milky fog. This was the same city. The mystical citadel of ancient civilizations. The girl thought she was sleeping, but when she stepped out of her bed on the ground, branches crackled under her feet. She felt their crackles as alive. And the voice of the mother called further, towards the golden city.

Enchanted by the voice and the sight, the girl stepped forward, following the path through the forest. At that time, someone was watching from behind the trees and tall grass. After a couple of minutes, she was at a giant shiny gate. They were decorated with tall statues of old gods and kings, surrounded by golden bricks. The girl went through the open gate, remembering the stories of her mother. She could not close her mouth in surprise, wandering through the golden streets. Tall houses and wide areas. And in the center of this city, the girl found the throne. Pyramids of steps led to it, and magical light emanated from the precious stones on the handles.

When the girl came closer to the throne, strange people came out to the square, watching her from the forest. They were short and wore strange and even funny masks painted with different bright colors. Their chief with three feathers on the mask stepped forward and knelt in front of the surprised girl. He invited her to become their new queen, who was once her mother. The girl examined the golden expanses that she dreamed of all her childhood. The power she was offered … is not what she wanted. She was drawn to travel, but not to rule. She walked over to the little masked man. The girl told the people that she could not become their queen, but she could sometimes visit them. The leader of the little men thought about it and nevertheless agreed. He said that she could always find this place in her dreams. It is enough just to follow the mother’s voice. The girl said goodbye to them and returned to the bed along the same road. When she opened her eyes, she saw her room again and smiled.

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