‘Gone with the wind’ but never gone from heart

(boor review)

This book has been a success since its very first publication in 1939. It won not only the sympathy of millions of readers but also the Pulitzer Prize. Despite the efforts of critics, the author of the publication joined the ranks of the world’s great literature classics.

I’m gonna tell you about Margaret Mitchell and her “book of the century” named “Gone with the Wind.” This is the only novel of the writer in her entire short life. However reading this magnificent work gave me sedation why she did not delight the world with new stories. What is the worth of the first chapter, which the author rewrote 60 times! Painstaking efforts over the only child of his literary gift yielded results.

The plot of the first volume tells us the story of Scarlet O’Hara. The girl was born into the family of the owner of a cotton field and adopted father’s hot Irish temperament. In a duet of unspeakable beauty better than anything else to be found in the entire area, she was a favorite among men. Although Ellen tried to raise her daughter to be reserved and modest, her ardent coquetry and the feeling that everyone always owes her played a bad joke with Scarlett. She could get any man. Every young man dreamed of keeping her in his marital arms. But the stupid behavior of a spoiled child forced the girl to marry an unloved guy, give birth to a child from him and move to his family.

At this time, the Great Civil War also begins. First, she took her beloved Ashley from Scarlett, and then she also put on her mourning for deceased husband Charlie. And that was only beginning…

This is a story about grandiose personal growth from a little choosy girl to a serious determined woman. Scarlett has passed a very difficult path from audacity to courage, from whimper to action and from hate to love. I admire the way she purposefully makes her way through the thorns of life. How she grew from the thought “everything that doesn’t concern me, it’s boring” to the awareness of her responsibility. I’m inspired by her inner strength which, with each sight of the war at her, became more and more powerful.

Although the girl would not have made her way along these paths without Captain Reth Buttler. I don’t fully understand this character. However sometimes I see echoes of current topics, for example, “why do you care of what people think of you” or “war is just a way to make money,” and I would even like to talk to him live. But some actions I do not understand at all. At such moments, I feel like a silly Scarlett who is simply angry with Reth because of his inappropriate behavior. So far, this character has confused me with his mysterious motives. Let’s see what happens in the second volume.

So what can I say? This book magnetically chained me to its pages. I was late for a meeting more than once because of it. I missed my stop on the subway more than once. I have postponed homework more than once. This is a very special story that can be felt not just at your fingertips. How many events and details were put into one chubby little book. I’m still amazed how the author could put the Great Lady of Life in a couple of thousand words so masterfully. My rating is 9.5/10.


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