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Do you want to be a good example? You got tired of the advance of wonderful weirdoes, brave bastards, and fancy freaks, right? Okey, let`s get the ball rolling! Mother Nature is waiting for you!

 We can talk a lot about climate disasters and global warming. Either it is a myth or reality, either it is actual or annoying, either it concerns us or not, either it is better to stay indifferent or not, something should be done and it should be done immediately.

Freedom of choice…Yeah! …Freedom of choice…It sounds good…But in reality, with all these burning forests, advancing deserts, poisoned rivers, and polluted air, the freedom of choice turns just into the horrible infringement of the law, into the terrible disaster for the whole planet…On the one hand, everyone, with his or her blah-blah-blah looks fine, on the other hand, just simple steps can save small island countries from flooding, many species of trees from felling, animals from extinction, coral reefs from disappearance.

We are all connected, bad and good, and if we help someone, we will help ourselves.

What can I do?

Use a bicycle or foot instead of autos (if it’s not an eco car)

  1. Vegetarianism is not for everyone, however, eat less meat. Animals will be grateful to you.
  2. Don’t buy extra clothes. Fashion looks and snazzy trends, prêt-a-porter and haute couture, all these things are cool, of course, but be honest, you do not wear most of these things.
  3. Standard electricity? That`s good but the sun and the wind energy are better.
  4. Don’t ruin Mother Nature at all! Save it for you and your descendants.

To prove my words, just catch a couple of facts (from the mouths of scientists and articles from Global BBC):

  • Clothing production accounts for about 3% of the world’s CO2 emissions, mainly due to energy use in manufacturing.
  • The burst that occurs in cows during the digestion process releases a lot of methane, which is a greenhouse gas.
  • In the EU, refusing to travel by car reduces CO2 emissions by 2.5 tones – about a quarter of the annual average per person (9.2 tones).
  • By reducing the animal protein in your diet by half, you will be able to reduce your “carbon footprint” (activity that results in the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere) by over 40%.
  • The cost of solar panels for utilities has decreased by 73% since 2010. So, solar energy has become the cheapest source of electricity for many households in Latin America, Asia and Africa.
  • Sociologists have found that when one person chooses a good lifestyle, dozens of others also follow it.

So, be a caring child of Mother Nature. Protect and love it. And you will see that it will be thankful.

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