‘Good Omens’

(book review)

‘Good omens’ was written by Neil Geiman and Terry Pratchett. At that time they were not so hoity-toity celebs as they are now. Pratchett only recently had started his career as a writer, and Geiman was a regular student. However, that student was the one who came up with the plot. But Neil had understood that he was not capable of writing it perfectly. So he connected with Pratchett. They lived far away from each other and had different biorhythms (Geiman is an owl and Pratchett – a lark). So the writing process was quite odd – they write it with the help of an answerphone!

Now, let`s talk about the story. A great story must have interesting characters and a pleasant plot, right? I can not tell about the plot much as it will spoil all the fun. So, let`s talk about characters instead.  The main heroes are Crowly and Aziraphale. The first one is a demon and the second one – an angel. But believe me, if I would describe them without telling who is who, it would not be easy to tell which is the fallen one. They have met as soon, as humans have left the garden of Edem. In the book, however, we do not get to see their meetings through eras. Our second time (after Edem) we met them in modern days. The situation was quite… unusual. Because it was the day when the antichrist has arrived on earth. Actually, in books, this arrival is so confusing, that it is hard to understand what the hell is happening (If you watch the serial, you will understand. But reading this scene is a nightmare).

That confusion, however, is highly important for the plot. To be honest, Crowly and Aziraphael are smart and at the same time dumb. It is hard not to love them. Although, it is difficult to understand how they both are not dead by now. Why did they come to the present day world? The answer is simple, “We are here to lick here some serious butt!” Good humor, right?

The story itself is well-written. Characters are charismatic and interesting to watch. Even the second plan characters have something to be remembered by. Also, the story itself is funny. Furthermore, through the book you can find a lot of Easter eggs. I don`t know is it important for you, but I find it extremely pleasant to spot them during reading. Surely, I do recommend to read this novel. My rating 4.5/5.

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