Google has become more accessible

(tech news article)

Google has extended the availability of a real-time subtitle feature called Live Captions from Pixel phones to all devices that have the Chrome browser installed.

This was reported in the company’s blog, writes The Verge.

Live Captions instantly creates video or audio captions through using machine learning.  This makes the Internet more accessible to people with hearing impairments.

The words will automatically appear in a small moving window at the bottom of the browser.  The function is only available in English, and errors can be noticed when speaking quickly.

You can now activate the feature in the latest version of Chrome by going to Settings, then the ‘Advanced’ section and ‘Availability.’

Once enabled, Chrome quickly downloads some language recognition files.  Then the captions should appear the next time the browser plays people’s voices.

Such subtitles are now available in Chrome for Linux, Mac and Windows.  Google says that this feature will also appear in Chrome soon.

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