Grandfather With Humor

(Humorous essay)

I would like to share one amusing and funny, in my opinion, story.

I worked part-time in one of the restaurants in Kyiv and once I took orders at the box office. Two elderly men and one of them approached me, ordered two coffees and immediately cheered me up with the phrase, “The doctor says that we can’t have coffee, but what can I do …”. Then he asked me with a smile, “Maryna, do you have a husband?” I was surprised and laughed, and when I laughed, saying no, the man looked surprised too. It was funny that he wished me a good husband several times and insisted that I should get married in January, saying that he would come and check.

This elderly man probably considers himself much younger than he really is. I really like such positive and energetic people, especially of this senior age. His last phrase, which gave me a smile again, was the answer to my question, “Do you need sugar?” In response, I heard, “I don’t need it, but I will give it to my grandfather.” It was so unexpected and hilarious even for my colleagues.

This is a seemingly banal story, but, personally, it gave me a good mood for the whole evening and pleasant memories for the whole life.

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