Grandma and Grandpa


Imagine you are visiting grandma and grandpa. Aromatic pies and tea are waiting for you in the kitchen. You go sledding with your grandfather on the frosty hill, then you come in the evening to watch the cheery series ‘Wedding Ring,’ falling asleep in the warm arms of your Grandma.

Such childhood memories often flash in my head and cause both joy and sadness that this is all over and will never happen again. After all, many of our grandparents became second parents. They give us warmth and comfort when it is so lacking. They love us more than anyone else in the world.

It is sad a bit that over the time, our meetings get rarer, and our conversations get shorter. Someone has an urgent business affair, someone just does not have time to visit them, and someone is simply disturbed by the distance.

Always try to please your grandparents. Don`t forget them, call them and visit them more often…Their love is so significant for us…

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