Green Scarf and Blue Scarf. Can I be more attentive?

(humorous story)

When my boyfriend and I first started seeing each other, we went on this memorable date where we went for food, saw a fascinating film, then went for drinks. When we were heading home, suddenly, he found out that he didn’t have his scarf.

He seemed a sort of sad about it, so the next day I decided to try hunting down where he might have lost it and visited all our places asking about it. If I had found it, it could have been a nice surprise for him. I didn’t really remember what it looked like, but I was sure it was green. So I just had a vague description of it and hoped someone would have got it. It turned out that no one had seen it, so I trekked around to buy him a new one then.

I told this to my He-man as a cute story, and he replied. ‘Wait, what did you ask for?’

‘Your green scarf. Here it is!’

‘Nastya… My scarf was blue. I like a very bright blue color.’

I remembered an old joke about a hat saying to a scarf, “You go around, and I go ahead…”

This is how that scarf got lost forever and my very rare attempt to be nice turned into a total fail.

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