Grizzly and Mitten

(Derailed fairy tail)

Once in a frosty forest an absent-minded grannie lost her mild mitten, which later became home to some animals. The mouse was the first to notice it and settled there. Later a frog joined her. Next there were a bunny and a fox, a wolf and a wild boar.

The last came gigantic grizzly and growled gravely,

“Who-who lives in this mohair mitten?”

“Mouse and frog, bunny and fox, wolf and wild boar… And who are you?”

“Grizzly! I wanna enter too, fellas!”

“We are already jam-packed here; there is no place anymore!”

“Come on! Let’s try together!” groaned grizzly.

“Uhm…You’ll be the seventh.”

The grizzle got crawling to them… Ouch! The mitten cracked! All the beasts were ready to run away, but then the Grizzly suggested,

“Well, buddies, let’s all build a big bungalow together!”

The animals supported this idea and started working hard.

Days passed and then a beautiful bungalow appeared on the lawn with enough space for everyone and new apartments for the grizzly and the fox, the wolf and the bunny, the mouse and the frog, the boar and some guest! Even the Grannie who lost the mohair mitten was invited for warm tea on the occasion of the housewarming party.

P.S. You think that it is strange that the animals found building materials in the forest and built a house themselves. Maybe, but it’s a fairy tale.

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