Growth with Grinch


University … Everyone has their own opinion about it, and for everyone this word has its meaning.  For me personally, my university is a development.  It is a constant movement forward, growth of opportunities, mad ambitions and discovery of talents.  During two courses (though, to be honest, 1.5) I have understood a few things and would like to share them with you.

1. Sometimes, you have to adjust to someone to reach your own. Yes, it may sound like that but sometimes you need to calm your emotions and think about everything quietly. It is much better to approach someone than to give in to a momentary storm of emotions.

2. Don’t ask – just help.

Yes, it is “over-the-top” compulsive help that drains us and takes all the power.

3. Don’t overpraise people.

This is a rather urgent problem because when we feel the mad joy in some situations we start praising some people constantly. Patting a shoulder is very close to kicking an ass.

4. Try to find the positive in the negative.

It is difficult, I know. However, when we look at the situation from a different angle, we can notice a drop of good in bad, and a drop of bad in good. In this case, it is much easier for us to survive.

5. Take care of yourself as much as you can and you will not get a nervous breakdown.

Quite often, we do not reckon our abilities and forces reasonably and try to bite off more than we can chew at one time. It is a bad idea; it is not desirable to overwork. I guess you remember the old saying, “All work and not play will turn you in a dull girl.”

6. Don’t wait for gratitude and don`t ask for it.

We often live with the hope that they will carry us something pleasant and delicious for what we have done for someone.  It is exhausting to wait for such gratitude.  To live expecting to be thanked is a bad idea.  It’s a kind of addiction.  Get rid of it.

7. When there is inspiration, you do your best.

I know what I’m saying, because for the most part, we lose the chance to work productively when there is crazy inspiration. We just ignore everything. Use the wings of inspiration!

8. If you honestly want to do something, do it. Sometimes we are afraid to do what we really want.  There are many reasons and factors.  If your wishes do not break the law, go ahead, there is nothing impossible!

9. Healthy competition is coolerrific! It stimulates and motivates to get new victories, the test of which is unforgettable.

10. Time flies very fast. This is the key thing that I understood.  I’m not sorry about the deadlines which I failed to meet…We are just students…  After all, yesterday you were a frightened fresher and today you are a sophomore at the Faculty of Journalism!

I can continue this list to infinity, and I will surely do it after the fourth course…

P.S. If you have something to add to this list, don`t keep silence. Just stand up and tell!

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