Handsome Robber

(film review)

I consider myself a fan of the English series “Sharp Carthusians.” After all, I watched all the seasons, and even several times. Now I’m looking forward to the new season. However, the thing I love most about this series is Thomas Shelby. This is the main actor who can be said to have fascinated me with his appearance, behavior and actions.

He is always neatly dressed in a classic man’s suit, a long black coat and dark leather gloves, the last two usually depend on weather conditions. His broad shoulders give him brutality, always big steps, alert, and show how brave and confident he is, and the smile during which cute dimples appear on his cheeks shows his kindness and mercy. Due to his sharp and at the same time warm look, attractive physique and strong hands, you can miss the fact that he is not tall enough. The handsome blue-eyed man, with a light, dark mane on his head and expressive cheekbones, undoubtedly had many female supporters. However, in his soul he is monogamous, like a real wolf. He could make love to many, but he had only one in mind. Almost at first sight, falling in love with Grace, an Irishwoman, his hardened heart softened a little, but at the same time, this relationship brought both pain, because of the death of a loved one and joy, in the person of his son. No matter how clever the thief Thomas was, Grace’s death wounded him badly. Having amassed large fortunes, he was left alone and only after some time let into his house another woman, whose feelings were not as before.

People like him experience all the problems in the middle of themselves. He had a lot of blood on his hands, for business, justice and for his family. Together with their brothers, they killed many people, not counting what happened during the war, which changed them all greatly.

It is possible to admire the robber strangely and indecently, but I think it’s a kind of taste of the series. In general my rating of this series is 8/10.

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