‘Handwriting of fate’ By Sharlotte Lukas

(book review)

Yonatan N. Gryph is the director of a reputable publishing house. He’s fifty years old. He’s strict, reserved, punctual, polite, clever and pedantic man. Divorced. No children. He always ran in the morning. Ran…but one day Yonatan has found a diary on the bicycle. Since that moment his life has changed. Yonatan always lived on the schedule, but this daybook recommended him to do completely other things. Man followed it. And now he wants to find the owner of the book, and doesn’t guess that SHE has changed his life at all…

Honestly, I started to read this book last year and finished a couple of days ago. Why? I don’t remember. Maybe firstly I think that it wasn’t interesting and it’s typical love story. Maybe at the beginning of the book I don’t understand the main idea or just decided to read something else.

But when I returned to reading, I was fascinated of the plot, personalities, twists etc. The story grips me and keeps me turning the pages. I can’t choose my favorite character because each of them has both pros and cons. But, for example, I liked Yonatan more after his changes than at the beginning. What about Hanna (owner of the dairy), she’s so fun, optimistic and purposeful girl. But one thing also changed her life…So, they are two opposites. And it’s really cool! We can see how people change themselves and what factors affect it.

Also, the plot is filled with literary techniques. For example, there are flash backs (Yonatan’s past) and flash forwards (Hanna’s aims and dreams), foreshadowing and cliffhanger and so on. Furthermore, you can find so many useful quotations here.

If you like such plot, romantic moments and characters, I recommend this book to you! My rating is 9/10.

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