‘Harry Potter and Philosopher`s Stone’ by J. K. Rowling

(book review)

5stars! All book about Harry Potter are my favorite books, especially it relates to the first book ‘Harry Potter and Philosopher`s Stone.’ This first book just introduced me to the world of magic and turned around my outlook in a topsy-turvy way.

All that the hero felt for the first time, when he learned the ancient magic, was passed to me, and coined me in an ardent aficionado of it. Therefore, the first book is especially charming.

When I first began reading the Philosopher’s stone I was immediately struck by how hilarious – and laugh-out-loud funny – the humor was. Rowling managed to infuse this book with a lovely wit and charm that would both amuse and delight grannies, adults, children, and even their pets.

There are the characters that will remind us of all the people we have met. Everybody knows or knew a spoilt, overweight boy like Dudley or a bossy and interfering (yet kind-hearted) girl like Hermione. A large number of younger readers will also be able to easily identify themselves with Harry. One can easily understand his initial feelings of isolation and not belonging, and then – his excitement at finally leaving that life behind in favor of one where he belongs and will be happy.

Hogwarts is a truly magical place, not only in the most obvious way but also in all the detail that the author has gone to describe it so vibrantly. A lot of adventures befall on the dream-team trio (Harry, Ron and Hermione) and the stone in the book’s title is Mac Guffin to all that happens. “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up our friends…” The story comes to an exciting happy end that has the ultimate feel-good factor.

My favorite character is Harry Potter He is a truly brave and bright boy who has experienced a lot of hardships in his life. And how many others are crowding to poke fun at him! He spent all his life with people who did not love him but it didn`t spoil his character. In this book, Harry will discover a lot of magic things and will share them with his friends and readers.

All of Harry Potter’s books caused me to get sad and to get cheery at the same time. But while reading the first book I did not cry, most of the time I was just chuckling, smiling and lololing. J.K. Rowling book should be highly recommended to anybody between the ages of 8 and 80. So, don`t waste your time, still now you have time to catch the last train.

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