Haruki Murakami and Magic Realism

My favorite writer is Haruki Murakami. He belongs to the writers who write in the style of magical realism. I really like to read books written in the style of magical realism and have read many books by different authors. As a fan of Haruki, there are several read his books on my shelf: “The Pursuit of the Sheep”, “Kafka on the Beach”, “Norwegian Forest”, “Colorless Tskuru Tazatsyaki and his years of Pilgrimage”, “What I say when I talk about running” , and this summer I discovered another extremely exciting novel: “Wonderland without brakes and the end of the world.”

This book is most prominent in the cells of my memory. Events in it develop extremely quickly, so it is almost impossible to break away from reading. The real world in this work, as in any other, is so closely intertwined with the unrealistic and magical that often you can not even see any clear boundary between these worlds.

The main character of the novel is a 35-year-old man, a neuroconverter, a specialist in data processing and encryption by subconscious actions. The novel is an alternation of two storylines through the chapters: “Wonderland without brakes” and “The End of the World.” As events unfold, it becomes clear that both lines are interconnected. In both parts, the story is told in the first person. Two stories are events that take place in the consciousness, reality, and subconscious of the protagonist. Being in two consciousnesses becomes a threat to his true existence, because the real world can disappear for him forever.

Murakami has a way of not just getting under the skin of his characters, but also into their minds, their psyche, what makes them who they are, why they do what they do, how their past, imperfect, shapes them and their future – indefinite, uncertain.

Murakami’s world is like a portal to an alternate, parallel universe where things have their own way of happening, where reality and unreality collide in exuberant and elegant bursts, somewhere beyond time and space, not hamstrung by worldly reason or logic.

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