He Duct-Taped All His Guests…

(short story)

“…And this is my plan to take over the world! Tremble in front of me!”
“ But don’t you think it’s a little illogical?”
“What exactly?”

“You just told me your plan and showed me where the self-destruct button is located, so if I get out, and I get out of your trap, I will know exactly what to do to ruin your plan.”
“Pfff, don’t make me laugh, this is the latest technology created by me based on molecular biochemical technological research.”
“ …It’s just duct tape. You literally duct-taped me to a chair.”
“So what? Do not underestimate the power of adhesive tape, it has unprecedented power, especially if you use construction tape. My dad could even create a nuclear reactor using dust tape and guess what?”
“Is this another story about a difficult childhood?”
“So, what happened next, well, he assembled the reactor and what was the result?”
“Do you really want to know?”
“Well, given that you have already been telling me about your difficult childhood, I dare to assume that there is no one else to listen to your stories. There are no friends. Youre paid not enough salary for a visit to a psychologist. Your wife has left you. Right?”
“Okay, yes, you got me. But I divorced my wife myself, she just cooked terribly!”
“It happens.”
“You know, I've been thinking, the world can be destroyed somehow next time, but there
s no chance I`ll come to this topic next time. So, let me tell how it was with my Dad. He had a difficult childhood…Once he duct-taped me to a chair and forced me to listen to his story…”
Art by: RuiRiel

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