He, She and It Went to the Cinema

Strangely enough, I managed to go to the movie theater only when I was tortured by knotty life hardships and decided to spit on everything. Um, well, I took a seat. And as the second part of a cult horror “It” lasted for three hours, I had enough time to air my head.

Everything began so nice… Because of my friends’ lack of composure, Dima and Andrei, I went to movie-bloody-theater twice! Terribly exhausted by their girlish uncertainty, I promised myself that if the movie rolled bad, they would pay for it.

At long last, we bought our tickets, chatting about all our classmates, bored buddies and a specific class teacher. Then we entered the movie theater hall. The credits had already begun and I, in order not to disturb people, bent down and blinked into my place. My ‘soul mates’ profiled afterwards, straightening to full length. As you understood, both of them were not “the life of the company.”

Wow! Here was the screensaver. We sat down, the lights switched off, and I started stealing popcorn from my neighbors. Finally, the movie flashed!

Excited by the long-awaited meeting with my friends, I didn’t follow the events on the screen too much. However, when I started concentrating on the film, it turned out that I had lost just a little. Frankly speaking, the cast was chosen ‘too skillfully.’ Two of ‘my favorites’ — friends Richie and Eddie — in their adulthood generally copied their ten-year-old kids. The special effects were also ‘incredibly impressive.’ At the same time, I wanted to shake the hand of the ‘genius-installer’ and ask if he needed some sort of immediate psychological help. Cricket balls that came out of the eyes of a torn head on spider legs were what you really wanted after a long and exhausting day. Better than sleeping pills!

I started watching the second part, remembering that the first movie just had turned my perception of ​​horror films upside down. Suddenly, I remembered all my childish phobias! God, I was screaming! It was exactly on the seventh minute! Dima said that he was not afraid of the terrible film moments as my reaction to them. In addition, I started sympathizing all the film’s freaks as close friends…

By the way, the love line was as simple as the dramatic bombs in tabloid novels. One of the intriguing moments of the film was to answer the question, ‘Who would choose the beauty of Beverly Hills?’ The choice of originality could compete with the winners of Eurovision.

To be fair, I was turning away at the screaming moments, trying to merge with the chair. I have to say, it is very easy to define them:

Step one: the dark corridor / alley / gingerbread house;

Step two: the hero hears strange noises and sees the flashing of light and, of course, goes against all the laws of common sense;

Step Three: The music is pumped, accelerated, more and more…Oh, WHERE IS MY GRANDAD WAGNER!

The hero opens the door / wicket / curtain / window of the ‘Windows’…

Bam! Stylish gray highlighting is guaranteed.

The craziest thing was that I knew when there would be a screaming or disgusting moment, but I kept chasing it and scared it. Then I got mad at my stupidity and snapped the boys, so they stopped laughing.

Overall, I failed to remember even the storyline. It was clearly weaker than the first part. The characters did not interact a lot and their experiences were not always adequate to the situation. Although if I had to crawl into the water system to immerse myself in an ancient asteroid monster artifact that had been terrorizing the human race for millions of years, I would say goodbye to my brains,  psychological health and speech defects. Sorry for the spoilers!

Later, we determined truthfully and completely objectively that these three hours of our lives were just thrown down the drain.

So, my advice to you: read the book with the same title. According to the secret society of Stephen King witnesses, “It” will charge you with so much energy that you will be galloping around your University campus and private den like a crazy rabbit. While reading the book you will go flying while seeing the film, you will go crawling down the dumps.

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