Health is not a Toy


In my opinion, health is the greatest treasure of a person. With the development of the modern world, people often forget about it.

Material values, which dazzle our eyes every day, also obscure our minds, and such an important thing as health becomes a secondary issue. This often happens involuntarily: we do not notice what we drink, what we eat, what we breathe, and how much we move. Meanwhile, our health is deteriorating. Parties and binge drinking, we do not value ourselves, we slowly poison our souls and bodies.

A healthy lifestyle should be a priority for each of us if we hope for a healthy and happy future.

After all, a person who did not respect his physical condition in his youth will not feel good in old age. It depends on us what our offspring and humanity, in general, will look like in a good ten years.

History also provides many examples where health has become a key lever in the process of success and has been a paramount part of human life. As it is known, the Zaporizhzhya Sich had its own rules and regulations. Among them, it was noted that the Cossacks were forbidden to drink alcohol in the Sich. Down duds who did not to comply with this rule would have been severely punished by their Atamans. Surely, the methods of training field fighters could look too radical, but in the case of health, this should not be missed, because it is important nowadays too.

So, we can conclude that health and a healthy lifestyle are the keys not only to a happy future, but also to many other things: success, stability, and in some cases, victories. Let’s not forget, “In a healthy body – a healthy spirit!”

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