Healthy Eating

Our health depends on how we eat. Food provides us with energy that we expend during exercise. Renewal and development of the body at the cellular level directly depends on the products we eat.

The body needs to receive a sufficient amount of nutrients every day: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, trace elements.

Proper nutrition is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle and a guarantee of stable functioning of the body as a whole.

The daily diet should be varied and complete. The freshness of the products is important. You should monitor the amount of portions of food consumed. Everyone has a different portion. It depends on age, health status, gender, equipment. The diet should include: cereals; fruits and vegetables; fish; meat; eggs; dairy products; nuts; salt; sugar; fat.

A balanced diet should become a way of life. You should give up snacks and fast food. It is necessary to chew food carefully, not to swallow large pieces. For a long time it was believed that it`s strictly forbidden to drink liquids when you eat but recent study shows that drinking during eating does not affect your digestion.

You can eat everything, but in moderation. Overeating and incompatibility of foods leads to metabolic disorders, diabetes and obesity. Socrates’ statement is very pertinent here: “We do not live to eat, but we eat to live.”

However, it won`t be a crime if sometimes you eat some junk food. If it makes you happier, why not? You should always keep in mind that healthy eating does not mean eating only salads, rice and chicken breasts. It can be very diverse. You should not have restrictions when it comes to food. In my opinion, you should remember the 80/20 rule: 80% of your food should be healthy and 20% can be junk and eaten for your pleasure.

To sum up, I have one more tip for you. Do not make food your meaning of life. Food is only our fuel and you need it to reach the top.

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