Heavy and Easy Professions


I study at the Institute of Journalism, KUBG. My major is Publishing Studies; my minor is journalism. And every year I understand that this is not such an easy profession, if you start analyzing the subjects that are taught to us.

Sometimes it seems to me that we are given a lot of hard work and difficult tasks. However, I remember my friend who is studying at a medical college. The situation there is much worse. I’m scared to think how many notebooks they write and rewrite there. My friend jokes that they write a lot in order to develop a “good” medical handwriting. And indeed, when a doctor prescribes a prescription, it is usually difficult to read. And when a person writes a lot and hurries up, the handwriting deteriorates. Therefore, medical handwriting is really acquired since the student years.

Probably studying at the medical faculty is one of the most difficult things. This is fully justified by the importance of this profession. But I think all professions are important and necessary, the main thing is that people should have the desire to learn and work.

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