(short story)

It’s a sunny day. You were going back home from the university in a fabulous mood, cause you were an A-student in all classes which you attended that day. You were walking by the sidewalk with friends. They were gossiping. First, you were listening to them carefully, but a few minutes later you thought about yesterday’s dream. There was a red balloon you were flying near and as only you tried to close your eyes to see what in the hazy balloon was, you spontaneously got up. While your friends were talking, you couldn’t recall what was in the balloon. Then guys went away to their homes, and you started thinking about relaxing in your cute flat cause it was in two minutes of the walk.

Far away there was staying a boy beside the building edge yelling and crying… You noticed that and ran to him…Meanwhile, the boy was looking back. He observed the running girl and was shouting to her “Help! Help! Hel…”. Only the latter word he couldn’t finish because was taken fast in drainage…Several winks of eyes and you lost the sight of him as if it was just a mirage. You carefully came closer and closer. Didn’t see anything in the drainage. Make the efforts to find the ball that was lying around, but you literally couldn’t find anything. You just heard the phrase “Hell!” from the back. Immediately turned back, “Beeeeep!!!”

You rapidly passed away for being hit by a truck that appeared just from the ground… That dream again was scrolling in your head just only twice as fast. This balloon…you recognized the boy’s head in the smoke with the cut on the forehead “Hell.”

“Hey! Miss! Are you okay?” asked a driver. “No…,” answered the barely alive girl seeing only a dark outline of the driver. A few blinks of eyes. “Areee youuu okaaay miiiiss…?” asked with a wide smile IT guy reaching out his long hand to you.

Screenshot was brought from talkfilmsociety.com
Feb. 21, 2021

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