Helping Animals at War


The first thing I want to say is following: please, don’t leave your pets behind! Many people abandon their animals at home, leaving them to die in agony; some throw them out on the street; some give them away to acquaintances for a while. All of these options are detrimental to an animal’s health and life. When I look at pictures of people who have taken all their animals with them when they leave (and some have more than five, ten, etc.), I don’t believe that anyone hasn’t had a chance to take, at least, one animal with them. I am disgusted by the callousness of some people. So, I urge that you should not abandon your pets!

So, the first thing you need to do for your pet, just like you do for yourself, is to pack a suitcase. What stuff should go in it:

  • a supply of food enough for at least a month;

  • several bottles of drinking water;

  • bowls for food and water;

  • cleaning supplies if you can’t walk;

  • a veterinary first aid kit (basic first aid, basic medicines, medicines that your pet needs personally, and they are difficult to buy, parasite medicines or sprays) – in general, the first aid kit for the pet is not different for humans, but there are drugs that are sold only at veterinary drugstores; so these means should be taken primarily;

  • a carrier, a leash or a collar;

  • documents (nowadays, they are not asked at country borders, however, it is better to have them just in case.);

  • a rug, a house or a warm plaid;

  • favorite toys;

  • grooming aids (towel, shampoo, comb).

How to calm your animal during war firings:

If your pet is not wearing any ammunition, take care of labeling or writing your contacts on the carrier or collar. To have an animal`s tag with the owner’s name and contacts is a good idea too. The most important thing is not to walk without any harness. Many animals get lost because of strong blasts and harsh noises.

What to do:

Stay close. During this difficult time for everyone, do not leave the animal alone, because it is just as scared as you are, and it does not understand what happens, which makes it much worse.

Rest. If you are in a shelter, try to find a corner for your animal. Put some things that smell exactly like the owner or your pet’s favorite toys and blanket.

Training and walks. When the blasts subside, try to distract the animal by learning commands (if it’s a dog), playing with a toy (if it’s a dog or cat), and taking a regular walk outside. Personally, my dogs get distracted when I learn new commands with them or repeat some old ones.

Tastes. Give your pet a tasty bone or anything it loves infinitely.

And remember, in Ukraine and at the borders with other countries, pets are allowed to pass through without any problems, officials don’t even look at the documents. So, pack their things too; they also want to live and do not understand why you leave them. First and foremost, stay human, because the entire responsibility for the life of your family member is on you. They trust you and love you!

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