Henry gets a job at the Evil Corporation

The interview took place in the evening. The stars did not grow dark, the wind did not rustle. Henry met with his interviewer at the impeccable cafe ‘The Day After Tomorrow.’

To the meeting, he wore a gray and crimson suit for important matters, and a completely ridiculous bow tie. His interviewer was a tall European with small glasses on the bridge of his nose.

“Have a seat, Henry. Today without delay.”

“Today? But this is my first time here.” In a moment, Henry remembered how much he wanted to give the impression of a confident person who needed this position with a pain in his heart. He became restrained and meaningful again.

“How did you hear about us?”

“I saw an advertisement in the newspaper.”

“Do you read newspapers?”


“Well… What kind of job are you interested in?”

“I was interested in your vacancy for working with chemical reagents. I see you need chemists.”

“Yes? You are right, we need chemists. Are you one of them?”

“I studied…”


“Chemists University of S. D. Atom. I got two P.H.D. there. All confirmation documents are in my package.”

“Good. Your accomplishments are inspiring. However, what can you, as a person, offer our organization.”

“Well, I did not indicate it in the questionnaire, cause I wanted to say it personally. I am very capable, have you heard about that case with the epidemic? I love reaching goals and moving on to the next ones, and the most important thing for your… company is that I don’t ask too much and don’t talk too much.”

“Sounds promising. You know, I believe you. Leave me copies of your documents and repeat your phone number. It is very likely that we will contact you in the next couple of days.”

“Excellent! Thank you.”

“No, thank You. Good luck with this evening.”

Henry left the cafe, pleased. He was sure that he would still be hired for this job.

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