Here are some tips for a successful interview

If you’ve got yourself an interview, it’s not enough to have a sparkling CV and all the key facts about the company. You’ll also need to know how to conduct yourself correctly to ensure you make a good impression.

Dress appropriately

The clothing you choose is going to have a considerable impact on the impression you make on the interviewer – and the outcome of the interview. People form impressions of others within a few seconds of meeting them, so the significance of what you wear is immense.

Style your hair neatly

What to do with your hair is a concern for both men and women, as how it looks can say a lot about your personality. Your hair should be “neat and off the collar.” Men should “avoid using so much hair product that you look flammable.” Excessive gel or wax can make you look unprofessional.

Greet the interviewer correctly

Your greeting is likely to be your first face-to-face contact with your interviewer, so it’s vital that you get it right. You should only use your right hand, leaving your left hand dormant by your side. Eye contact is essential throughout the interview process, so remember to look the interviewer in the eye while shaking hands. You should introduce yourself by saying your name clearly, followed by “How do you do?”

Sit properly

In most interviews you’ll almost certainly be seated on a chair facing the interviewer. You want to position yourself so that you look attentive but can be comfortable for a lengthy period of time. Sit on the edge of the chair, or right at the back. A common error is to sit in the middle, which will cause the back to slouch and completely ruin the image of yourself you want to portray.

Let the interviewer speak

Always let the interviewer speak, and they should let you speak too. Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes and you will realize that being cut off mid-sentence can be rude and annoying, especially if you’re about to say something important. Also, your interruption might be unnecessary as you could be about to ask something the interviewer was about to mention. Be patient, listen conscientiously to everything the interviewer says and save any questions you have for after the interviewer has finished talking.

Leave a good impression

The biggest mistake you can make is to assume the interview is over and make the first move towards leaving. Instead, you should wait for a cue – “when the interview is over, the interviewer will make it clear.” You should thank them for their time, offer your hand and leave as quickly as possible, but without rushing or tripping over. The end of the interview is just as important as any other part, and perhaps more so because how you leave will be the last memory the interviewer will have of you – so make sure you conduct yourself appropriately.

Good luck!

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