‘Home for Peculiar Children’ by Ransom Riggs

(book review)

Do you want to feel goosebumps while reading a book? Do you want to plunge into the plot, forgetting about reality? Well, I’m ready to advise you a book that will save you from boredom and bring a sea of impressions.

Recently I have encountered a book entitled as called ‘Home for Peculiar Children.’  Sixteen-year-old Jacob from childhood got used to the stories of his grandfather about his youth on a distant Welsh island, in a shelter for strange children: about monsters with triple tongues, about an invisible boy, about a flying girl … The only side effect of these inventions were nightmares that tormented the teenager. But once a nightmare burst into his life, killing his gorgeous grandfather in reality…As the author says, “We cling to our fairy tales until the price for believing them becomes too high.”

You know, before reading, I often heard about this book. Everyone was talking and writing about her. I never regretted reading this trilogy. Moreover, starting, I could not tear myself away. I read page after page, studied the plot in a couple of nights. And when I found out that ‘Home for Peculiar Children’ had a sequel in the form of two more books, I almost lost my mind with so bitter delight! This is one of the few books that maximally detaches from reality. Honestly, when I finished reading all three books, I felt very sad. I think I even burst into tears. By the way, immediately after the publication, this book turned into a world bestseller, and its author gained worldwide fame, which increased with the release of each new volume.

Fans of something mystical, fabulous, and, of course, good and noble, should fell in love with this work. A catching plot, good feelings, the eternal battle of good and evil. Add to this your imagination and you will get a good reading experience.

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