(short story)

Bob woke up in the field. He didn’t know what the hell he was doing here. “Where am I? It’s good that I remember who I am. My head hurts… I need to find a way home.”

Home… It was Bob’s biggest dream now. Bob didn’t know where to go, but he did. It was weird. He thought he looked freaky. But, fortunately, no one saw Bob now. Because it was a damn field!

“How did I get here, Lord? How could I even get here, how did I get here?! Is it a pub beef or biz plotting? Oh… I just have to go to the main road. Or at least to some road. The one who left me here will pay for it. How can you leave a person in the middle of the field? Maybe I did something bad to someone? But what could I do if I wasn’t a good person? Although we are called good people by those who use us. Obviously, a good person is a comfortable person. Maybe I was just uncomfortable for someone. Maybe I didn’t help anyone who was very evil. However, are there absolutely evil people? It seems to me that people cannot be absolutely evil or absolutely good. People are, after all, the reunion of these two parts into one whole, and these parts fight forever within us. By the way, I’m very hungry for the middle… I wonder how you can get food in the field. Probably only birds can do that. Too bad I’m not a bird. Now I would take it and fly home. Home… For some reason, I immediately think of my parents’ house, not my apartment. Maybe I am not accustomed to it yet…Maybe my brain just considers home the place where I was born and raised… I need to visit my mother. I will buy her favorite cakes for tea. Oh, God, I am hungry as a bear… I hope I’m right. And how can you go right if you do not know where to go? Although I know where I’m going…”

Oh, dear! Bob stood by the road and waved. The first car stopped, the driver opened the window and asked “Where are you?”

Bob replied, “Home!”

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