Homeless at Home (Puppy Love)


Recently I have met a puppy. The beginning of this story does not promise a bright turn of events, but what happened that happened.

On October 19, at about 8 pm, I came across a four-legged, hairy character who didn’t even realize we had met. I did not know his breed. It did not know mine. The only thing I can say about his pedigree, quoting the words of many non-professional dog experts, it was the “ordinary mongrel”. Although it was the first ‘ordinary mongrel’, it put me in such unusual circumstances.

The dog had a pleasant reddish color, as if autumn itself shook its extra paint from the trees. The same trees, apparently, were outraged that this bright time of year with such a frivolous attitude let the dog be just reddish. So they probably stopped it and added a little shade to certain parts of the body. Two paws and ears were brown.

It ran against the blue sky, not in a hurry, sometimes taking advice from the wind, where to go next. While I was choosing what homework I should do, the dog did not even guess what “homework” is. So carefree. So simple. So funny. It seemed.

Sitting at home under a warm blanket, I understood. This dog never knew, does not know and will not know what a home is. I can sit in a cozy bed and look at him, but he won’t even realize that, besides the blue sky and the whisper of the wind, home exists. There is a place where, instead of the cold color of the sky and no less cold monologue of the wind, you will be greeted by someone who will cover you with a warm blanket.

Do you feel sorry for this dog? I don’t. And I’m not cruel. I’m just telling the story in a different order. Though at the bottom of my heart I think – maybe, it is a kind of …puppy love.
While I was choosing what homework I should do, this puppy didn’t choose the destiny of my homework. I just had to draw and animate him with a computer program.

Thanks to Adobe After Effects, my first job in it, and myself for the ability to blunt.

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