Homeless four-legged

Why do homeless animals find themselves on the street? Every day, almost everyone sees a running dog or a weary cat, and everyone snorts, everyone pushes them away, and they are not to blame, they pass by, try to rub their legs, and find at least some food…And we are so passionless and pitiless…

For a long time, for almost 15 years, near one high-rise building, there has been a place where there are a lot of cats meow and live together. Of course, with every passing year, a new generation appears, but as far as I remember, not a day passed without the happy purring of the animal. It is very interesting that the locals feed them and play with them so peacefully. But we all remember that there is a frosty winter, and it is extremely difficult for animals to survive in such weather, so of course, there are those who take care of warming up their place, though, in any case, it is not as cozy as in houses they once were.

When you pass this place, you see this comfy cat corner, where they play, live, and murmur together. Even though they are on the street, they do not attack people and do not harm the environment, except that sometimes they cross the road in the morning, causing the cars to honk from time to time.

Where do they come from? Of course this problem arises later, but not at first. All because people сan get tired of an animal or stop getting pleasure from it, because it can have its own character or be just sick, it can be hurt or poisoned. The poor animal cannot say as a person what it worries or go to the doctor on their four legs. And people do not understand this rather often, and to get rid of the problem, they just throw their pet on the street.

You know, if people could swap places with animals, they would see how to be in the skin of our ‘little brothers and sisters.’ Even if you don`t have a place for a miserable animal, you just need to take it to a shelter. There they will definitely find a spot for it. Everything happens; it can be an allergy, a small apartment and so on.

When we take a pet into our family or home, it must be a well-thought step, because it is a very big responsibility for a living being that needs protection, comfort, nutrition and good care. Therefore, it is worth thinking very carefully before having a pet.

Take care of yourself and love animals!

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