Hospital Love

There are many different dating stories between a man and a woman in the world, with sparkles of love and happy families. I like to hear the stories about how my grandparents met, the stories of sisters, brothers, but the acquaintance of my parents impressed me the most.

They met in a hospital ward, seemingly not in the most romantic place, but love does not choose a place, it chooses people. So, my father was hospitalized with an ulcer and was already in the ward after the operation, and my mother was in the same ward because of her younger brother, who was diagnosed with appendicitis. My grandmother sent my mother to the hospital to look after Serhiyk, and when she came to check on their affairs, she watched her mother sitting and talking to her father or even walking with him in the yard.

It was even the case that when my mother came to visit her brother again, he warned her that her, so to speak, beloved, had just escorted a young girl, so they said to be on guard. However, Natalka just fell in love with Sasha, who broke off relations with a girl he liked.

Of course, it was time to discharge these two guys. It would seem that my father would go to his home, to a village near the town where my mother lived, and it happened, but later he came to his mother on a bicycle, and then again and again. Natalia was serious and wanted to start a family, without playing a long-distance romance that might not lead to anything later. They talked about it, Dad thought for a while, and a few days later, when he came on a date, he made the offer of his hand and heart, perhaps not in a pleasurable place, without huge bouquets and orchestras, but sincerely and with love, most importantly. In general, it turns out that they have been dating for months, and the culprit of their acquaintance was my godfather, the same mother’s brother, thanks to whom she got to the hospital and met a man of her heart.

Now in a world where there are taxis, minibuses, trains, you are unlikely to meet a guy who will ride a bike, a hundred miles, to his girlfriend, especially after hard work. I do not want to badmouth about modern guys, but they really are not like those that were in the stories of our ancestors, and probably this is normal, because people also change and the same romance acquires other features and concepts, and in relationships people can afford more than once…

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