Hot Bathes are Unhealthy

Sometimes we love to lie in a hot bath, warm ourselves and relax when we are cold or tired. Someone likes to stand in the shower for 20 minutes in the morning, filling up.

I am personally against such water meditations, and many doctors will agree with me, I do not recommend being in hot water for longer than 5 minutes, as this can cause a complication on the heart and blood vessels, and it doesn’t reflect on the skin in the best way, it becomes drier, In addition, high temperatures accelerate aging.

Also, we are not recommended to use a washcloth constantly, as the skin is injured, it is dried out. Enough 2-3 times a week, and the rest of the time only water or water + gel.

I am for a contrast shower, and even better a bath + a contrast shower will only benefit both the skin and the entire body.

So, dear girls, I do recommend that you should forget hot bathes…they are unhealthy.

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