Hotline Miami, or why you should travel to Florida

“Florida means the land of flowers, not land of ugly”
(Bill Johnson)

The USA is built of states. Each of them has its’s own history, culture differences, food, etc. Now I’m gonna tell you about one of the shiniest states – Florida. Also, I will show you the most cunning and sightly place in this warm state. So let’s waste no more time. This is Florida, baby!

As always, we begin in geography. Florida is located on the peninsula of the same name. Swamps and hilly lands with beautiful lakes occupy a significant part of its territory. Fans of eco-tourism will certainly like these places. However, if you a lover of excursion-tourism or active nightlife, Florida also has a place for you. And this place is called – Miami. City, where every tourist will be happy.

  1. Miami Beach.

Miami Beach is a suburb-resort, separated from the rest of the city by a wonderful aquamarine bay. If you are interested in the best hotels in Miami, go here. This is a favorite place to relax and live for world celebrities. The center of Miami Beach is filled with historical buildings of the 1920s and 40s. It has everything you need for a fun and luxurious beach holiday.

  1. Lincoln Road.

Here tourists will be able to visit the farmers market, art galleries, a symphony hall, a movie theater. Cafés, bars, restaurants it’s all located there. In addition, if you adore brand boutiques and shopping, Lincoln Road is definitely for you. Another name of this place is “Heaven for Tourist” in Miami City.

  1. Ocean Drive.

Another avenue filled with nightclubs, elite cafes, shops, and hotels. Walking under the palms besides small racy buildings is very atmospheric. Especially, in the evening time. Perhaps you will be able to force the cinema or advertising shootings conducted on this street regularly.

  1. South Beach.

The legendary district stretches along Ocean Drive. Ideal for those who want to spend some time relaxing and chilling on the beach. Don’t forget your suntan cream. Clear water and exotic palm trees of the coastline located near to the museums, boutiques, hotels, and restaurants.

  1. Miami Botanic Garden.

A chic exposition of unique tropical flowers and trees is located on an area of ​​34 hectares. Since 1938, the most beautiful specimens of flora have been growing here: creepers, cicadas, palm trees, etc. Over 45,000 full-time specialists take care of the vast garden area.

Miami it is a city of tropics, city of nightlife and daylife wonders. Here every type of tourist will find a thing that he or she is needed for. This place has a huge chilling atmosphere. That is a chic way to rest-up your soul and body under the day bright sun and shine light moon.

So, if you can make fun of hurricanes, senior people, and bums, you are a real Florida tourist at heart! Surely, it is a just joke.

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