‘House of Theresa’ by Olga Derkachova

(Book Review)

‘House of Theresa’ is a novel written by contemporary Ukrainian author Olga Derkachova.

Fate does not give generous gifts to all. The same thing happened to Teresa. The girl suffers from the death of her lover and tries to heal the wounds of the past. But unexpectedly, she gets the keys to his house with a pear garden. Subsequently, people appear in this house who are lost in the present because they cannot forget the past. All they need is silence, understanding, and embrace. Desperate strangers eventually become loyal friends. And Teresa finds new love, but cannot forget the painful loss.

‘Theresa’s House’ is difficult enough, as for me, for the perception of a novel. The reader experiences the tumult and troubles of each character. However, how sincerely and spiritually it is described, that it is all over the skin! The text is very easy to read and you don’t notice how you have turned over a dozen pages. There is a feeling that this is happening to everyone. For some reason, we ignore the people who really need our help; we do not need their problems, perceptions and personal stories. There are almost all selfish people around us, and people like Teresa are a find!

Olga Derkachova’s novel is about the oppressive life ordeals, about firm friendship, about lofty love, about what happiness is and how difficult it is to obtain it. I advise you to read and I’m not joking.

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