In one mysterious country, very, very far away, somewhere on the edge of the earth lived the Queen of all the fairies of nature, surrounded by a large number of small translucent fairies.

One of these fairies was Follet. Follet was tender, shy and always had her head in the clouds.

All fairies enjoyed life. They flew with the wind, slept in clouds and admired the silver moon every night. Little sorceresses lived without knowing sorrow and worries.

However, the fairy Queen was bored ― the country in which she lived was gray, monotonous. Therefore, she decided to paint her fairy-magic-land with all the colors of the rainbow.

“Fly with your friends to the rainbow. Take her colors for each plant”, said the fairy Queen to the little fairies.

Inspired by a new and unusual task, the fairies flew to the rainbow and began to choose the right colors. So, the cornflower got a blue color, lilac ― purple, the sky covered with delicate blue, the fields and forests turned green, the yellow decorated the middle of the flowers, the lilies turned orange, and the wild poppy fields lit bright red.

All the little fairies were inspired by painting their fairy-magic-land. Only the fairy Follet wandered into distant meadows in search of butterflies. She often “hovered in the clouds,” so she didn’t even hear the order of the fairy Queen.

“The rainbow no longer has a single paint for me!” the fairy Follet exclaimed desperately, making excuse to the Queen. She began to cry and with her tears washed away the color from the flowers that surrounded her.

That is how white color appeared. That is how camomiles and other white flowers grew cheerily in our fields.

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